Carnival By Tresind

What a phenomenal experience this has been with every single dish being prepared and presented in an absolutely unique manner. The concept of post modern Indian cuisine has been created at Carnival by Chef Himanshu who has recreated some dishes that bring you tastes from the past.

The interiors are done up very well and the staff are friendly. The food journey here was an experience right from the start to the end. Chef Himanshu has not just put some great food together but has ensured every minute detail is taken care of, right from the presentation to the sequence in which the 14 course meal is brought to you with so much ease. I absolutely love how innovative the names of the dishes are and am sure you will read them through the review.

The magic begun with the “Makhan Phal” – Coco butter hive, avacodo and lime cream,  a tiny portion of butter with a cream of avocado and lime, a bite and it melted in the mouth.


Then came the Happy Halloween – pumpkin and cheddar dabeli, a soft piece of bread with mashed sweet and sour pumpkin filling. It takes its name from the pumpkin that is symbolic of the Halloween fest.

We were told that the Bartender would surprise us with the drinks and he really did. What followed was simply mesmerising. It was fresh orange and berries juice served in a light bulb shaped glass kept in a trolley that resembled a cow. If you think the presentation is good, then the drinks were better.


Then followed the Dal Phulka. Yellow lentil soup sprinkled with cumin cocoa served in a cup with the temperature and feel of a cappuccino. With pure ghee in it, this was a small shot of sin. It was served with a phulka cookie.

Then followed the “Life is short eat dessert first”. A unique combination of jalebi served with yogurt mousse, potatoes and chick peas. Who says jalebi doesn’t go well with chaat ? Wait till you try this one.


The starters continued to follow with the “Pullinji, a south indian flavoured ginger prawn coated in palm sugar caramel served with a curry leaf crisp. One bite of this and it leaves you wanting for more. But with lots more food to go, its about self control.


Inspired by the Amul theme, the next starter was the “Utterly Butterly” – sliced wagyu tenderloin prepared with Amul butter and served with a cheese toast.


For crab lovers this is definitely a not to miss. The “Don’t be Shellfish” is a spider crab leg with tomato pickle cream served with crispy lotus crisps. Oh and don’t think you don’t see the crab, the dish in which this is served resembles a giant crab made of wood.


It wouldn’t be fair to not have meat. What followed was the “Meatilicious” – a gilled lamb chop served with mysore masala and a mini dosa crisp. The meat was so tender and delicious and tasted great with the mysore masala and dosa. What an awesome amalgamation of meat with dosas !


We asked for more drinks and this time our preference was something in pineapple. A pineapple and orange juice with a hint of passion fruit was served. What a great combination I should say and an amazing taste.

For the vada pav fans, here is the “Vada Pav service”. The handyman brings in his toolbox to prepare the vada pav for you. The vada pav, a famous snack of mill workers in Mumbai is prepared to your taste in the most fanciest way you would imagine.


After so much of eating, there had to be a palatte cleanser to neutralise the taste. The “Malai Baraf” – a litchi granite, rasberry rose water with milk skin was served.

The main course that came in was the “Airline chicken” which could be full meal by itself. This was a Tandoori chicken terrine curry with rice , a croissant and a small portion of a chocolate mousse. This is supposed to be served like an economy class chicken meal and I’d hope that this is reality someday on a aircraft. The chicken terrine was so tender and the curry was buttery.


If you thought appams  and curry are totally a south Indian dish, then you have to eat this to change your opinion. The “Nandu curry” a soft shell crab, chilli and sesame curry is served with steamed appams. The crabs were crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. With the curry and the appams they tasted fabulous.

We then got to eat the “Carta Farta” – steamed sea bass with a malabar style curry cooked in Italian style with high temperatures and yet maintaining the taste . This was served with steamed rice.

By now you would be wondering how much more would we eat. I should say that the portions were just right and each of the dish served left us wanting for more.

The desserts then followed and without a doubt I would give full marks to the desserts as well.

The first dessert was a “Chaat Wala”. A small scoop of ice cream inside a guava served with sprinkled chaat masala and caramelised bondi.The second dessert was the “Rustom’s”. An ice cream sandwich inspired by Bombay’s famous K Rustom ice cream. The ice cream tasted light and delicious and it was served in a miniature cart of what represented the Rustom ice cream parlour in Bombay. The third and final dessert was the “Petit Four”, a frozen rasna flavoured orange cube served on a frozen orange.


This wasn’t just a meal for us, it was a culinary journey where we got to experience some fine art of cooking and enjoyed every bit of it throughly.

A big shout out and thank you to Chef Himanshu and the entire team at Carnival. Rakesh and Manoj served us this afternoon and a big thank you to them for the amazing hospitality.






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