Poco Loco

I have always had a soft corner for Mexican cuisine, Nachos and Tacos are my weakness. I couldn’t have been happier when I received a review invite from Poco Loco.

Poco Loco is a lovely looking place on The Beach at JBR overlooking the sea with seating both on the ground and first floor, with ample outdoor seating too. I absolutely loved the interiors and the graffitis all over. We had two extremely happy and helpful staff serve us, Massimo and Lilly. They made our entire dining experience amazing by not just suggesting to us the best on the menu but also giving us the history and ingredients about the dishes.

To begin with Massimo brought to the table our drinks. These mocktails blew my mind, the Mango & Passion fruit margarita, the Chicha Morada (a Peruvian drink made with purple corn and spices), the Horchata (a rice based drink with a hint dates, cinnamon and almonds) and the Cuzco cooler (blood orange soda with passion fruit cranberry and lime juice). Each one of them were fabulous unique creations, so refreshing, we just couldn’t get enough of them.

We started with some Guacamole, Corn cob from the Josper grill and Chicken Quesadilla. The Guacamole are Tortilla Chips were served with an amazing Avocado dip. The portion of the avocado dip was generous and tasted great with the chips. The Corn was grilled with some exclusive spices, it was so juicy and flavourful that I craved for more inspite of eating an entire one. The Chicken Quesadilla are served opened like pizzas unlike many other restaurants that serve them closed. They are filled with four cheese, roasted tomatoes, chimichurri and again the taste is unique, flavourful and fresh.

We also tried the Soft shell crab Tacos. I loved every bite of this. The last time I remember enjoying Soft shell Crab Tacos was at a Mexican food cart in New York! Baby crabs with avocado, lettuce and Chipotle mayo almost melted in my mouth. These divine Tacos took me back to the streets of New York.

We also called for a portion of Tiger Prawns from the Anticuchos section. Tiger prawns served on Skewers, they were juicy and were marinated with some great Mexican spices. I totally tripped on them. Left with no space in the tummy for any more main course we moved to the desserts.

The desserts here are sure not to be missed. I love Churros and was extremely thrilled to find them here, I was glad we called for it. The chocolate served with the churros was irresistible. I almost licked every drop like a 5 year old. We also called for Tres Leches, Mexican vanilla and toasted hazelnuts, the Tres Leches with hazelnut and vanilla was out of the world. I couldn’t have asked for a better Mexican meal.

The outdoors in winter is sure a great idea with some brilliant Mexican food, amazing service and lovely ambiance and vibe.

A big shout out to Massimo and Lily for being so amazing.


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