Tong Thai

If you are big fan of Thai food like me and are looking for a date night, then Tong Thai is a great option. The ambience is romantic, the food and service are great as well.

We were pleasantly surprised to know that the person who served us was named Tong as well, she was extremely friendly and got chatty.

We were served the prawn crackers which were just like any other crackers however the sweet chilli sauce that came with it was unique and tasted great.

For the appetisers we called for Kung Hom Pha – crispy prawn spring rolls, garlic, soya, sweet chilli sauce. Unlike many other places the prawns are not minced and the entire prawn is wrapped in the spring roll. The spring rolls tasted crunchy, fresh and great and went very with the sauce.

For the main course, we called for two of their signatures dishes as recommended by Tong. One was the Panang Kung – creamy penang tiger prawn curry with peanut, chilli and coriander and the other was the Pla Thod Sa Moon Prai – crispy sea bass, lemon grass, galangal, kaffir lime ginger, chilly sauce. This was served with steamed rice that is unlimited and on the house. I have never had such a combination of spices with prawns however throughly enjoyed it. The sea bass is fried and makes it a little heavy. As much as the fish and the sauce on it was delicious, it is a bit sweet and you may or may not enjoy it with the rice depending on your taste.

For the dessert it was a Khao Niew Ma Muang – sweet sticky rice with thai mango, coconut cream and sesame seeds. We looked at the menu for other options however this is somewhat of a ritual to go with. The mangoes were sweet and the sticky rice also had a great texture and tasted good together.

Note: Please don’t judge the place and the food based on the pictures as they do absolutely no justice due to the dim lighting.

You may have to wait for some time to get your car from the valet as the hotel is pretty crowded.


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