Tim Tai – Bangalore

A dinner date with the family and we decided on thai. A working day and yet the place was almost full. It’s a huge restaurant and has a chic feel. It has beautiful bright colors and is done up well.

To start with we called for Tom yum soup and sweet corn chicken soup. The Tom yum was authentic and tasted really good but for sweet corn lacked taste and was low on salt.

For the starters we called for a portion of som tum thai, crispy lamb, a portion of non veg dim sims and a portion of banana leaf wrapped fish with Balinese spices.
The som tum was just ok, it wasn’t authentic as I couldn’t smell fish sauce and the taste was more sweet than spicy. The crispy lamb was overlooked, it was extremely crispy that the taste of lamb was lost. The Dim sims were a mix of chicken, prawns and lamb and were really good. I enjoyed all the flavours of the mixed portion. The best part of the starters was the fish. The spices were amazing and cooked to perfection.

For the main course we called for the chicken thai green curry with steamed rice and a portion of the Shanghai noodles. We totally enjoyed both the main course dishes.

The service is good, the staff are well trained and friendly. Overall it was a good meal.


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