Lunch out with the sisters and they insisted I try this place. Love how the place is done up. Everything is so Parsi about it that I totally loved it the moment I walked in. The staff are helpful and well trained. The service was good and quick too. This place resembles the Leopold cafe in Mumbai and gives u a very similar feel.

To begin with we called for the Baida roti, minced meat stuffed in parathas and cut into 6 pieces. It tasted really good and with the chutney it was beyond delicious. I just knew I was in for a treat.

We then called for a prawn starter, unfortunately I don’t remember the name. It was like a web and was deep fried, that was equally good just a lil oily for me. I couldn’t complain as it tasted great. We then called for Pav with salli chicken. The chicken gravy was amazing but the chicken wasn’t well cooked.

For dessert we called for lagnu custard and that was delicious. The right amount of sweet and the portion was perfect too. We then ended the meal with some amazing ginger tea.

To drink we called for the Raspberry Soda and we throughly enjoyed it.

This place is one of its kind and has the best Parsi food in town for sure.


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