Indian Paratha Company – Bangalore

It’s a long drive from the heart of the city however seems to be popular with youngsters and bikers. It was a Sunday morning and the place got crowded post 9 am.

The place has a very dhaba feel and has indoor and outdoor seating. Most of the seating are benches. It’s a self service concept and you have to be patient to place the order given that it’s crowded.

We ordered for aalo cheese parathas, samosa aalo parathas, paneer parathas, onion paratha and a aalo cheese parratza – a unique concept of the paratha in a pizza. We called for a dal makhani on the side. For the drinks we called for a lime juice and sweet lassi.

The service is slow and the staff look clueless of what to do. One of the staff Ovais was really helpful and got us the second order quickly.

The parathas came after some wait however was hot and tasty. The aalo samosa was different and spicy. The lime juice was just ok with only a water taste however the lassi was really tasty.

We called for tea to end the meal. The tea had a nice aroma of ginger and was great as well.

Overall a great place to eat some awesome parathas if you are in a mood for a long drive.


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