Classic California-style Burritos and Tacos are now in the UAE. Tortilla has over 21 outlets in the UK and now they are finally here. If you are a fan of Mexican cuisine there is no way that you would give this place a miss.

I visited this place on a week day afternoon and it was crowded; now that says a lot especially when the place is just so new. The staff are friendly and helpful when asked for suggestions however it is self service concept.

We called for a Lemonade and an Orange juice to drink. They served fresh juices from Barakat that are pretty good. We called for a Burrito, a portion of Nachos and a Chicken Quesadilla. That was a lot of food and everything tasted great.

The Burrito was a soft  flour tortilla filled with rice, beans, veggies, salsa, cheese and sour cream; you can select your choice of meat that you wish to have in it, we chose shrimps. It was served with avocado paste and sour cream and tasted absolutely delicious.

Fresh and crispy Nachos added to the excitement of the meal. Topped with cheese, Jalapeños and with chicken as an add-onn for the toppings, it was crazy delicious. The nachos remained crispy until the end of the meal which was amazing.

The Quesadilla had chicken too and what I loved about it was that there was a lot of filling in it unlike other places were the taste of the crust is more than the filling. It was served with salsa and sour cream. We requested for some extra avocado paste as it was absolutely finger licking. It indeed was an amazing meal.

Thank you team Tortilla for having us over.


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