I was absolutely fascinated with the concept of pizza bases being made with four different types of GMO free flour that has 80% water and only 20% of flour.

I was here one afternoon for lunch for i can’t thank these folks enough for having me. The place is extremely small as it caters to only take aways with just one table  and some bar stools in the side however it still looks cute and pretty.

We were served four pinzas, the Chicken Tikka, Truffle Go0dness, the Urthie and Amore Alla Parmigiana. All of them were absolutely delicious and what i loved the most bout it is that they aren’t one bit heavy.

Being an Asian the Chicken Tikka was my favourite as were requested for it without cheese and it was made spicy as well. This is a MUST try if you like the tikka flavour and if you like spice.

The Truffle goodness tasted great too, the perfect blend of truffle and mushrooms enhanced the flavour.

The Urthie was amazing too as i love potatoes in just everything and i was fascinated to see potatoes in a pinza for the first time.

The Amore Alla Parmigiana was another favourite as i love the flavour of Tomato sauce with basil and mozzarella.

I loved every bit of my meal here and can’t wait to go back and try the rest from their menu.


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