The Hamptons Cafe

This place is so gorgeous that I wonder how it wasn’t discovered by me earlier or how no one had ever mentioned about it.

I would give a 5/5 for the interiors and the way the place in done up giving importance to minute details. A 5/5 for the service too. We had Purity serve us who was extremely friendly, helpful and suggested the best from the menu for breakfast.

We were suggested to try the Eggs & cheese in tomato Basil Sauce and we weren’t one bit disappointed. Two Eco eggs in homemade basil tomato sauce with fresh Italian Buffalo mozzarella served with homemade Focaccia, it was absolutely delicious, fresh and full of flavour.

We also called for the Long Island French Toast, We called for peanut butter on the side and it was served with fresh berries and pure maple syrup. We throughly enjoyed every bite of it. It was served warm and melted in the mouth.

To drink we called for two Healthy Hamptons Boosters, one the ABC booster and the other a Glow booster.
The ABC booster was a fresh apple, beetroot and carrot juice which was extremely refreshing and full of taste. The Glow booster had mango, pineapple and ginger and tasted good too. These combinations are unique but still blended very well.

We were told the stuff is organic and without doubt it tasted extremely pure and fresh.

The pricing is a bit on the higher side but i guess quality comes with a price.


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