With so many restaurants serving  the so called Punjabi cuisine, here is one place that stands out by serving authentic Punjabi cuisine that was born in the heart of Ludhiana, India and has now spread the world over.

From a hole out of a wall to having a large chain of restaurants today, Chawlas2 (to be read as Chawlas Square) is a franchise of this famous chain where the of taste of the original recipes are still retained.

Speaking about the restaurant now, it may not be noticed from outside or look like just another restaurant in JLT but then if you know the chain from back home (in India or elsewhere in the world) or if you have tried their food once, the looks from the outside don’t matter at all. The food is flavourful and delicious and the service is good.

We started with the drinks and called for Fresh Lime with soda and another Fresh Lime with water. For the starters, they was a customised platter with Stuffed aalo, Lamb chops, Tandoori Prawns and Fish Tikka. The Tandoor prawns and Fish Tikka had amazing marination and were grilled very well. The Lamb chops tasted good as well. With so much of flavour from the fish, prawns and lamb, the stuffed aalo seemed plain but this was our bad to have this after the masaledaar stuff.

Then followed the main course. It was the Chicken Rara, Fish Curry and Cream Chicken. This was served with Roomali Rotis and a portion of Zeera rice. The Cream chicken is supposed to be their secret recipe which has still been kept a secret till date. The chicken rara was excellent with chunks of boneless chicken and minced chicken. This tasted awesome with the roomali roti. The roomali rotis are made of  wheat and not maida making this an even better combination. The fish curry was ok. The cream chicken was great, absolutely unique and the flavours were so tasteful, it went very well with the roti and the rice.

There is no better ending to a nice meal than a good dessert. We ended our meal with a Moong Dal Halwa and I must say that its something you can’t miss when you are here.

Thank you team Chawlas2 for having us over and here wishing you all the very best for the new menu !









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