Ayam Elezz

There could have been no better end to my weekend than an amazing lunch at Ayam Elezz.

Lebanese cuisine at its best! Lovely decor, finger licking food and brilliant service what more can one ask for. We were served by Hasan who was very kind, friendly and helpful.

My tasting session here started with a line up of the best from the menu. We decided to skip the soups and started with the cold mezze. Hassan suggested that we try the Fattoush salad, the Hummus Ayam Elezz, a Lebanese Mhammara and a Kebbet Lentil. The fattoush was absolutely fresh and the pomegranate sauce was in abundance only enhancing the flavour. The Hummus was very different than the options available in other popular restaurants – this one had mixed fresh vegetable which were finely cut and mixed with the chickpeas and tahini paste.  We could not stop eating the mhammara which was a chilli paste and red capsicum mixed with walnut, pomegranate molasses and olive oil. The Kebbet lentil is probably an authentic dish and would need one to develop a taste for it.

For the drinks, Hasan suggested the Lemonade Batrouniye and I opted for a Ayam Elezz Cocktail. The lemonade is definitely a cut above the rest as this is a drink served with chopped lemon and grated ice. The Cocktail was full of fruits and fruit juice along with some cheesy cream that only added to the flavour. Their drinks menu is pretty unique and amazing.


Then followed the hot mezze with Sujuk and a Kibbeh Sajayeh. The Sujuk is again authentic, which is a tomato based dish with Lebanese sausages that was pretty good and the Kibbeh Sajayeh is a bit like the Arayes just that it is deep fried and filled with minced meat and nuts. We were also served the Mixed Grill for main course. Pieces of baby veal, Taouk, Kafta and Meat Kababs, this could have been a meal for two by itself, the Taouk was my favourite from the platter.

The best dish of the day was the dessert, the Halawat El Jiben. A thin pastry slice on the outside with cheese inside topped with some pistachios and sugar syrup. It tasted heavenly and melted in the mouth, had just the perfect amount of sweetness. We were also served the Raha Bil Biskuit – a chewy baklawa sprinkled with sugar powder and served with biscuits.

We ended the meal with some Grape Mint Sheesha and much needed Green Tea. This place is truly a gem and my new favourite.


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