Magnolia Bakery – DFC

Breakfast at Magnolia is always a good idea and the icing on the cake is that you can indulge post breakfast on some amazing sweet treats.

I really like how the place is done up very chic with the staff being extremely friendly and helpful. Joan served us this morning and was very kind.

I was with a friend and both of us called for Omelettes, one with cheese and one without. You have three fillings to choose from, I asked for the tomatoes, onions and red peppers and my friend called for red pepper, cheese and onions. We also called for some freshly squeezed orange juice. I love the generous portions of juice here and they are extremely fresh. We loved the omelettes too, fresh, fluffy and tasted good.

It is a ritual whenever I am at Magnolia to not leave without having my favourite Banana Pudding. Its a signature dessert here and if you havent tried it yet you definitely are missing out on something. We also called for a chocolate cup cake as my friend wanted to try it. The icing on it melted in the mouth so did the cupcake. It has little edible stars on it, that makes it look even more attractive. The friend called for a cup of latte too which she throughly enjoyed.

With Magnolia one can never go wrong 🙂


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