TrensInd is one of those places where you could easily get into a food coma after enjoying their nine course meal. The restaurant has a modern look and the food is served in a magical experience presented through the you through their modernist cuisine using the science of molecular gastronomy.
Their service is good however can be better as they are in a hurry to clear the table to move quickly to the next course. Can’t blame them though, with them being so popular and the set menu being so extensive, the rush is understandable. They do make your visit special by giving you a personalised welcome note which makes you feel good about the visit.
With the help of molecular gastronomy, the Chef has come up with dishes such as deconstructed pani puri, the frozen dhokla or the deconstructed black forest.With this style of presenting dishes, you would see a lot of fumes around you with the use of dry ice also another reason I call it a magical experience.
I was invited to try their Chef’s tasting menu which was extensive. The pre-starters were brought in and they were very different for sure. A zatar pao was served with pindi channa hummus, pickled olives and sun dried tomatoes. The followed the deconstructed pani puri, that was served in a liquid jellish form with no change to the taste.
For the drinks a Berry blast and the Storage were recommended. You will be amazed with the way they are served with the use of dry ice. The Berry blast has a mix of different berries and tasted nice. What made it unique was the presentation – it was served in a jar which was decorated with a straw cover and a bird soft toy giving you a feeling of having this drinking from a coconut sitting on the beach side.  The Storage had orange juice, thyme and blackberry and tasted a bit sour. Another drink – a Lemon Mint Lava lamp was served later in a lamp shaped apparatus to live by its name and all the dry ice helped create the magic again.
Then followed the starters with the modernist chaat trolley which is prepared in front of you. We had Hina the Chef prepare this for us. What stood out was the frozen dhokla which was at -170 degrees. You may think that it would be hard if frozen but then the way it is prepared, it is totally edible and awesome.
More starters followed with the Goan chicken cafreal. It had a authentic taste and was bold green, guessing it was the flavour of Spinach.

The starters continued with delicious lamb chops served with ghee roast potatoes. The meat was tender and absolutely well done.

After enjoying all the starters and with the taste of these dishes lingering in your taste buds, the sorbet comes to your rescue to prepare you for the next course. It is a pleasantly flavoured saffron malai sorbet which helps with neutralizing the taste.

The main course or should I say the beginning of the main course was started with a wonderfully prepared Sea bass in south indian flavour and a Japanese Wagyu beef that is known to be of the highest quality. The sea bass is prepared in front of you and I should say that it tasted great as well. The Wagyu steak was done very well however was not up to our taste probably due to our personal preference and liking of how it should have been.

More dishes from the main course continued with the Moroccan chickpea channa bhatura and a Tawa chicken fry with  kadak pao. I must say that these dishes were the hits of the day. It is however difficult to single these out from all the delicious dishes we had.

By now we were hoping that there were no other dishes to be served as this itself led us to a food indulgence. I guess our prayers were heard and the desserts were brought in.
I can’t rave enough about the desserts served. The Daulat ki chaat – a creamy dessert with condensed milk and cream sprinkled with 24 carat gold dust was out of this world. Their special Pan flavoured cotton candy lets you enjoy the flavour of pan which is an essential after a meal in some parts of the world !
Thank you team TresInd for inviting me over. It was a great experience. Thank you Jayesh and Maria for being so kind and helpful throughout our meal.
Lookout for the Carnival by TresInd that will be in town next month and am sure this will be a delight for all food lovers.

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