The Stuffed Burger Co.

Just when you thought that there were too many burger joints in the city, here comes The Stuffed Burger Company that just stands out of the crowd. I would go to the extent of saying that there is no comparison at all – its The Stuffed Burger Company all the way !

Let’s start with my fab experience at this place. The interiors are chic, the food is amazing with its superior quality and the service is fair. Mary served us and seemed a little lost but then Chef Ali made up for it by being extremely friendly and helpful.
We called for Onion rings, Chicken Wings and regular fries for the starters. For the drinks it was the Lotus Milk Shake. We also called for a Lemon Limer to drink. These guys have got everything right leaving you with no chance to complain.
I’ve never seen such large onion rings which tasted so good and crunchy. We called for the Chicken wings in the mild buffalo and the sweet chilli sauce – 3 pieces of each. The chicken wings were juicy and the sauces were perfect, but I prefered the sweet chilli. The regular fries were a class apart, tasted like they were fried in butter. The Lotus Milk Shake was thick, creamy with the perfect amount of sweetness and the perfect texture – they have perfected this one for sure. The Lemon Limer was a regular lemonade.
We then called for a Roasted Tomato & Garlic beef burger and a Broiled Chicken burger. The burger patties are extremely fresh and the fillings are exclusive. The filling of the beef burger melted in my mouth. The chicken burger had perfect spices and was simply amazing.
For the dessert we called for a Lotus White Chocolate cake. Omg was it good ! Layers of lotus , white chocolate cake and loads of cream. Truly sinful ! If you are a Lotus fan, there is no better dessert for you. The great thing is that it does not have an over powering taste of Lotus and is well balanced.
Everything is so exclusive here. You know from your first bite that it’s different and served with great quality. Thank you team Stuffed Burger Co. for inviting me over. Truly enjoyed my experience.

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