The Sum of Us

In this crowded world of cafe’s The Sum of Us is another good looking place with some good food and great service. You don’t feel like you are in UAE once you are inside as it has a warm and cozy feeling of a European cafe.

We got here for breakfast on a weekend at around 10 am. There were just a few people enjoying their breakfast but by the time we left the place, it was crowded, guess Dubai likes to wake up late on a Friday morning.

We called for a Spicy scrambled free range eggs and a French toast with salted caramel sauce. They had a Choco nutty milkshake – a special of the day which we called for as well.

We replaced the beef bacon with smoked salmon with the spicy scrambled eggs. The eggs were done to perfection and tasted great with the toasted sourdough. The french toast with salted caramel sauce was good too but not the best I’ve had. The choco nutty milkshake was a treat to see however tasted average. The toppings on the milkshake – a muffin supported with edible skewers and a scoop of ice cream could be difficult to eat.

The service was great and the staff are friendly. A shout out to TJ and Chelsie for the great service.


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