Ka’ak Al Manara, Jumeirah

Childhood memories they say are etched in our hearts and this place is surely going to make a lot of people nostalgic.

As the name says it, the place is all about Ka’ak the popular sesame bread of Lebanon that has been served for generations however has not been commercialised probably because it is difficult to get it right.
Ka’ak Al Manara has for sure got it perfectly right and with the fillings that are offered with the bread, one cannot resist trying these wonderful bites. Be it in their original, the specials or the sweet fillings, they taste awesome ! It does not end with just Ka’ak, their soups and salads are also amazing.
We started with the Al Manara Nescafe that was served in take away cups and we were told that this coffee is served exactly the way it is served on the streets of Al Manara, Lebanon. This coffee will for sure keep me going back to Ka’ak Al Manara.
From the Ka’ak originals, we tried the Akawi cheese with za’atar topping, the Turkey & Cheese with za’atar and chilli paste for the toppings, the Za’atar and Oil and the Labneh with za’atar and vegetables. I just can’t express how wonderfully delicious each one of these Ka’ak’s were and if I were to choose my favourites from these I would hands down go with the Za’atar and Oil and the Labneh with za’atar with vegetables.
We tried more of these Ka’ak’s from their specials. We had the Chicken Garlic and the Beef Shawarma. The chicken garlic filling in the ka’ak was great with the chicken in garlic paste, onion and pepper mix with lettuce and pickles. Its taste was to another level. The beef shawarma filling was excellent as well.
We gave the soups and salads a try as well and don’t regret it. The Mushroom soup and the Pumpkin soup were the soups of the day. These soups were absolutely tasty – great flavour and creamy. The Tabouleh was fresh as well.
The followed the sweet Ka’ak’s. We tried the Nutella Halawa and their famous Knafeh. It is very difficult to choose one of these as my favourites with both these tasting so good. Being a fan of Knafeh, my vote would slightly skew towards the Knafeh Ka’ak. I just could not get enough of these.
We were told that deliveries are done across Dubai making it easy for everyone to get their hands of these amazing bites. I guess their party boxes of 6 Ka’ak’s are going to be seen everywhere.
Thank you Ziyad and team Ka’ak Al Manara for having us over.

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